№ 5374 “Vanguard” № 5374 “Vanguard”

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5374 Vanguard
№ 5374 “Vanguard”.
5374 Vanguard
№ 5374 "Vanguard" at Pitsford & Brampton station. Info Icon

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№ 5374 is a large industrial 0-6-0 side tank locomotive which spent its working life in the steel works at the Polish town of Huta Ostrowiec. Officially it is classified as a TKh but was colloquially known as a "Ferrum". The class of locomotives was built by Fabryka Lokomotyw Chrzanůw in Poland from 1947 to 1960, № 5374 being built in 1959. It has a maximum speed of 25mph and a power output equivalent to 400 HP.

The TKh locomotives also bear a resemblance to the "Yankee Tanks" which once operated around Southampton Docks. № 5374 is air brake fitted with a Westinghouse air pump, a 24V electrical system and weighs 44 tonnes in working order.

The locomotive was transported overland from Poland, through Germany via Berlin, Helmstadt, Munster and Koln, ending up at Ostende. It finally landed in the UK at Ramsgate, and arrived at the NLR on 1st August 1992.